Preston Likely

About Me

I was born in Hull and studied for a Fine Art degree at Humberside University (1990-93).

In 1997, I furthered my art education, taking an MA in Fine Art in Sheffield. However, I purposely failed to complete the course, having initiated a performance piece for my final show called 'The Disappearing Man', which saw me walk out of the Art College one morning, never to be seen in Sheffield again (it was a homage to Reginald Perrin, a fictional character in a series of novels by David Nobbs, who disappears one day and returns, some time later, as a changed man).

Since leaving Sheffield, I have been a self-funded artist for over twenty years, on both individual projects and also as part of an art group called YET.

My work is conveyed through photography, painting, performance and film.

Many of my projects involve the general public in order to capture the immediacy of any given moment, drawing the observer in with the aim of challenging their views on a whole range of conventional beliefs and prejudices. I am also interested in toying with urban myths and intertwining them in my work, so that fact and fiction often overlap each other (the interplay of opposing forces has always interested me).

It's fair to say that many of my projects carry a michievous element about them, but, at the core of my work, I attempt to invite the observer into my world in order to engage in a sense of playfulness and questioning about themselves and the environment in which they inhabit.

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