Preston Likely

Identity For Sale (2010)

In October 2010, I placed a handful of adverts in local shop windows, announcing that I was selling my identity to pay for my father's hip operation. The story was soon picked up by a local reporter, who ran a story about my advert. The following few days saw the story go global.

I became interested in the subject of social identity after I'd read a story about a woman using Facebook who'd had her identity cloned. The Media seemed to dine out on the woman's misfortune, and, following on from the story, many people seemed to grow a little paranoid about having their own identities cloned. Naturally, I wanted to turn this fear on its head, hence the reason I decided to attempt to sell my own identity. I was hoping the sale would raise the subject of human identity on a social, philosophical and moral level, for I find human identity a truly fascinating subject area.

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