Preston Likely

Scene of an Art Incident

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology claim that our memories create inaccurate recollections of what happened in the past, by mixing different sources of information, or confusing something we've thought or imagined with reality. In a sense, we pick and choose what we believe to be real or factual in order to create our own picture of the world we inhabit.

My Scene of an Art Incident pieces toy with this notion, deliberately using written statements that are either purely fictitious or a combination of fact and fantasy. I leave it to the observer to decide for themselves the veracity of each one of my written statements.

The beauty of living in a democratic state is that we are free to delude ourselves, should we wish to do so. Look at the way politicians, journalists and advertising agencies continually fuse together fact and fantasy in order to create myths. It appears that truth is seldom the torch of inspiration; that make believe burns infinitely brighter.

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