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Yellow Day, Hull

Yellow Day, Hull is an event that will take place in Hull on Saturday 24th June 2017.

I'm inviting the people of Hull to participate either by means of wearing, carrying or creating something yellow in order to celebrate their love of Hull and its history. 

I would like people to go about their everyday business on the 24th, while promoting the colour yellow to show that they're engaging with the idea, as this day is all about connecting people through the colour yellow, which will act as a social leveller and a bridge between individuals and communities, helping to create a memorable, collective experience for those who participate on the day.

I've chosen the colour yellow because it inspires spontaneity, creativity, optimism and energy, plus, yellow is an intrinsic colour to the city of Hull, as this colour appeared in Hull's original coat of arms.

The 24th June is a landmark date, as the Humber Bridge officially opened on this date in 1981, and there's no greater symbol of connectivity than a bridge.

So be as imaginative as you wish, so long as you enjoy the day. This is your license to thrill. 

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  1. Preston Likely avatar
    Preston Likely May 9, 2017

    Interesting, Tony. I’ll research what you’ve just said. Thanks for the comments. Preston